Demonstrating Good Sportsmanship, After the Game

bballSocial media has evolved into a critical communications tool. As the local governing body of Little League Baseball, Softball and Challenger Division in northern Rhode Island, District 4 expects all players to conduct themselves accordingly, always demonstrating good character – a pillar of Little League. Such expectations are also extended to players’ families and friends, during and after games, including on social media.

District 4 encourages parents to leverage social media platforms to celebrate and recognize player and team accomplishments. While it is not the role of District 4 to intercede in individuals’ personal conduct outside the fields of play, please think before posting comments on social media, particularly when discussing game results.

What a parent, or other fan, chooses to post on their social media accounts with regards to Little League games is certainly within their right, however, as adults, let’s be the role models that our kids need – and deserve —  in the distraught world in which we live.


Baseball bat and glove

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