Tournament Rules


District Administrator:  Ron Lopes, 401-300-2313
Umpire in Chief: Jack Kempf, 401-338-9854


  • Have a Tournament Director for every game
  • Cut the grass
  • Line and rake the fields
  • Have an announcer to announce the team and changes
  • Have a flag
  • Play the National Anthem
  • Have an official scorer
  • Have an official pitch counter – you must have a double clicker
  • Pass the hat to offset expenses if you choose
  • Pay the umpires $40 per man LL, $50 per junior/senior
  • Report Scores: Immediately after games Tournament director responsibility
  • Junior/Senior Baseball – Ed Rigano at 401-743-0118
  • LL Baseball and Softball –Amy Lacroix at 401-257-5223


ALL SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. There will be no changing of schedules to accommodate leagues. Rain dates will be played on next day with the exception of July 4th weekend.  The schedule can change at any time.  Back-to-back games may be scheduled to complete the district tournament if we get into a time crunch.

All games except where noted on the schedules will start at 5:30 p.m. (only exception would be a delayed start time in a double header due to extra innings).

Championships will be played at 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Rain-outs will be canceled by 3 p.m.  The hosting league president will contact Ron Lopes and the opposing league’s president for cancellation.  Ron Lopes will notify umpire chief Jack Kempf who will notify umpires. If after 3 p.m., it is the umpire’s call to declare a rain-out. Umpires must be paid and must work the rained-out game.  Rain-outs will be scheduled on next day weather permitting which means a possibility for back to back games.

The Host league will have the choice of dugout in Districts. At the state level, the team that loses the coin flip chooses the dugout.

Home team is determined by Coin Flip. Both managers and tournament may do this upon arrival.

(Includes Parents, players and spectators)


Is RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of himself, his coaches, his players, AND his spectators. The manager’s behavior mirrors that of everyone around him. Attitude reflects leadership. It is up to the manager to control coaches, players and spectators (parents) from his team. If this is not done, disciplinary action will be taken on the manager as well as the responsible party.

Only the manager may approach the Umpire after requesting time out and being granted that time out by the umpire. Yelling “TIME”; charging out on the field is not allowed.

Use of the F word, or any combination of it or any other vulgarity, WILL result in ejection from the game and the field. The offending person will not be allowed back into the tournament at the District level.

Audible verbal criticism of an umpire’s call, on the field whether directed to the umpire or not, will be cause for ejection for that game and the next 2 following it.

3 COACHES are allowed in the dugout (2 base coaches and 1 scorekeeper/pitch counter).  If a team only has 2 coaches, 1 coach will remain in dugout at all times.

NO PARENT OR SPECTATOR may “coach” the kids from outside the fence.   Doing so will result in ejection from the park and possible suspension.

No one may hang out around the dugout or fence with the team score book. The umpires will direct them to the bleachers or ask them to leave if it is a repeat request. No one may attempt to give signals and no one should be coaching players outside of the dugout. Any person caught doing this will be ejected from the park.

Proper dress is required. Slacks or docker type dress shorts are acceptable with a league shirt and hat. Sneakers or cleats are allowed (no sandals allowed).

Only a coach/manager will be allowed to check on pitch counts and give changes at the score keeper table.  Make sure all substitutions are given to the Official Scorer at the time the substitute enters the game.

“House Rules” are not allowed!  Example #1: your league doesn’t allow curve balls or slash bunting.  LL does and these are allowed in our tournament.  Example #2:  Coaches warming up pitchers, infielders, and outfielders without equipment.  This is NOT allowed in the tournament.

Managers, coaches, and players are required to be in the dugout at all times. No one stands outside or sits on a ball bucket outside. No on-deck circles.  No swinging behind the dugouts.

Coaches cannot warm up the pitcher. If the catcher isn’t ready then another player may warm him up. The second player must wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

New pitchers get 7 warm-up pitches and 5 pitches between innings. Games will be kept moving. If teams hold on-field meetings between innings and the pitcher/catcher does not go and warm up immediately, they forfeit their warm-ups between innings.

Catchers must be fully dressed for infield/outfield drills prior to the game.

Jewelry – this is essential. For baseball and softball, no earrings, necklaces or bracelets, including Livestrong-type bands. No white, grey or red elbow sleeves on pitching arm.

The affidavits must be filled out and signed after each game by both managers and the tournament director.

There are no forfeits!  Only LLB can call a game a forfeit.  No-shows will result in a recommendation to LLB of forfeiture for the entire tournament.  Presidents will always have updated schedules sent to them by division moderators after game conclusions and scores are called-in.  There is no excuse for a team to not show for a scheduled game.

Special Pinch Runner – A player may be run for once during the game, and only by a player who is not in the lineup at the time.

If a player shows up late it is manager’s discretion to play this player. Once a player enters the game they must meet minimum play time requirements.

Minimum play time requirements are as follows:

  • A team with 13+ players: All players must get 1 at bat
  • A team with 12 and under players:  All players must play 2 consecutive innings and get 1 at bat
  • Injured players do not count towards your game time roster.

No flash photography or laser pointers at any night game starting at Dusk from centerfield or behind the plate.

Batting helmets must have a clearly visible approval labeling from NOCSAE.  If there is no label then the helmet cannot be used. Helmets with stickers and paint that are not factory-issued will not be allowed.

Head-first slides going into the base are forbidden and will result in an out being called on the runner.  Clarification:  If the runner headed to home plate goes around the catcher and bypasses the plate, they may slide head first back into the base. A runner may slide head first back into any base if that player over runs the base.


Dress:  The umpire will dress appropriately – blue, navy or red LL shirts with patches and gray or navy slacks

Disputes/protests:  The following is the order in which disputes will be decided:

  1. The umpire’s ruling on the field
  2. Game Tournament Director
  3. Division Coordinator
  4. Umpire in Chief (if not umping a game at that time)
  5. District Administrator
  6. East Region – whose decision is final


Study up on how to make an appeal to an umpire; you only get one shot to get it right.  An improper appeal to an umpire will result in a no call. Remember when you make an appeal properly, time is in, the ball is live, and runners may advance.

Protests:  Only LLB can make a decision on a protest. A protest must be declared immediately.  At this point, the game is stopped until a decision has been made.  Every effort must be made to resolve the issue before a protest is declared by a manager.  Proper protest protocol must be followed (see protest chain of command).

It is the duty of the tournament director/score keeper/pitch counters/announcers/managers and coaches at every level to avoid any team’s misuse or abuse of a rule. Just a few examples:

  • LEAGUE #1 is playing at LEAGUE #2 and either LEAGUE is in danger of not meeting mandatory play. The tournament director/score keeper/announcer has an obligation to inform the league’s manager that mandatory play is in danger of not being met.
  • LEAGUE #1 has a batter stepping up to the plate and they are about to bat out of order. The tournament director/score keeper/announcer has an obligation to stop play and inform the managers.
  • LEAGUE #2 has a pitcher on the mound that has met their pitch count limit. The manager of LEAGUE #2 has not come out to remove said pitcher and that player is about to throw over their allowable pitch count. The tournament director/score keeper/announcer has an obligation to stop play and inform the managers.

Avoid an argument where possible.  If your catcher wants to check a swing, he must ask the plate umpire to ask for help.

You CANNOT argue fair/foul; out/safe; ball/strike. Period. Now with that said, a coach who believes that the umpires positioning on the field may have been the cause for a dispute may CALL time and in a calm and reserved manner – acting like a jacka$$ is not calm and reserved – and ask the umpire who made the call if they would like to ask for assistance. The umpire may not agree and may not ask for assistance and the call stands. The umpire may, after hearing a logical argument, ask for assistance. The umpires will then confer – by themselves. After which the call may stand or may change. But that is the process.

Illegal Pitch:  There is no balk in LL baseball until you reach Junior’s. There is an illegal pitch and it will be called. A pitcher who starts and stops his/her delivery will be called.

Uniforms must be matching. In baseball everyone must wear a hat and matching socks. Every uniform shirt must have the LLB patch on the left sleeve or if a vest on the left chest.

Knowingly violating the pitch count is cheating. Managers know when the pitcher hits their pitch counts. Managers conveniently forget when the count hits 85 and higher for the upper divisions. To allow the pitcher to go on is cheating. Each bench should have the count as should the tournament staff. The tournament staff should be announcing pitch counts after each half inning.  There is a 2-game suspension for such a violation.

Noisemakers are Prohibited (Air Horns, Loud disruptive noise makers, etc.)

Spectators are not allowed to address or mingle with team during the game.   Every parent and player must sign the player/parent code of conduct.  Violation of this signed agreement will result in ejections.

Tournament Rules – Go to LL web site for clarification

*District champions must contact District Administrator Ron Lopes ASAP with full roster and manager’s contact information.*


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